Thursday, 22 October 2009

Week of 17 December 1945

Monday, 17 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mild and blustery with some rain. Anne came over about 11 o'clock and left Sarah with me whilst she and Grattan lunched in town. She and Wilma got here for tea. Wilma had been very late getting back from Wenham so she had to cancel her appointment with the hairdresser.

Tuesday, 18 December

Wilma left soon after 9 o'clock to meet Nicky Bawtree at Charing X. Afterwards they met Patience and her boys at Selfridge's soda fountain before going on to Madame Tussaud.

Turned up here in a taxi about 2 o'clock to collect Wilma's luggage.

Mabel lunched with me.

Wednesday, 19 December

Shopped in morning. Came back here for lunch. Anne turned up afterwards to bring me mince pies etc. and to take back a few last presents. Heavy showers with sunny intervals. I felt tired.

Thursday, 20 December

A cold day with some frost and mist. Aline and Joan had been coming out to lunch but Aline rang up to say they had colds, and couldn't come.

Lil brought Jeremy to tea. He was looking very well and good-looking in spite of a sty in his eye.

Friday, 21 December

Fine, but a very cold wind. Felt well! Did some shopping in morning and lunched with Mabel. Came back early and got tea ready for Reg who arrived about 4 o'clock. Left again at 6 to take Aline and Joan to see The Glass Slipper.

Saturday, 22 December

An unpleasant damp cold day. Reg left about 9.30, and I drove down with him and left Xmas parcels with Ethel Browning - also for Mabel and Lil and Reg ran up to wish them both a merry Christmas. I then went to see the Picasso-Matisse pictures at the Victoria and Albert Exhibitions. I then lunched with Lil, and went and sat with Ethel for a bit before having tea with Mabel. Got back here about 6 o'clock feeling very tired.

Rang up Wenham. All well there. Aunt Julia is ill and in bed.

Sunday, 23 December

A cold foggy morning. I went to St John's Wood Chapel for morning service and Mabel met me there, but went straight back to Pelham Place as Ethel was lunching with her. I did not go out again. Rang up Mrs Moss and heard that Aunt Julia seemed more tired and that Maye was coming up for the night.

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