Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Week of 26 November 1945

Monday, 26 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

A fine day. Bet and Alice came over at 11 o'clock and stayed till about 4 o'clock. She did some weeding for me in the garden after lunch. Mabel came in to see her and stayed for a cup of tea, before going off to meet Dan and go with him to a meeting at the Albert Hall.

Pippa rang me up after supper. All well there except for colds.

Tuesday, 27 November

A fine cold day. The gas strike is over but no improvement in the gas supplies! Ethel Browning came out to lunch and stayed till after tea. Reg rang up this morning to say that he was practically all right again.

Wednesday, 28 November

A cold rather foggy day. Did some shopping in the morning. Lunched with Mabel at Jane Brown and went out to Golders Green in the afternoon for tea and supper. All the children had colds but were particularly nice and jolly. Grattan was there, in London clothes. He has started in Chambers. We had a pheasant for lunch - a present from Reg.

Thursday, 29 November

Cold and sunless. Went down to Clifton Road in the morning and back here for lunch.

Stayed indoors in the afternoon and did a little typing for Grattan. Ella and Alice Cree came to tea here and greatly admired the house.

Friday, 30 November

Cold and grey. Went down to Piccadilly this morning for Christmas shopping but had no success. Lunched here.

Did some cooking in the afternoon as Bet was coming to supper. She turned up about 7 o'clock. She was looking very tired and went back before 10 o'clock.

Saturday, 1 December

Less cold and quite sunny in the morning. I bussed down to Oxford St and got a few things for Christmas. Lunched at home and afterwards went in to S. Kensington and saw Enid for a few minutes, and then had tea with Mabel.

Did some typing in the evening.

Sunday, 2 December

A very wet morning. Reg rang up to ask if I could put him up for the night on the 13th. I went to church (a short morning service followed by Holy Communion choral) at St John's Wood Chapel, and liked it much better than St Mark's Hamilton Terrace. Lunched here and rested for a little afterwards.

Then bussed out to West Heath Road and had tea with Anne, Bet and the children - Grattan was out. Back here for supper and afterwards darned a stocking which was really not worth doing!

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