Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Week of 19 November 1945

Monday, 19 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Feeling better, and Mabel who came out to tea thought me looking so. Anne and Sarah also turned up for tea after being at John Barnes, Swiss Cottage, to be photocopied.

A great catastrophe. I left my red note-book in the telephone box, and though I went back for it, it had gone! I shall miss it dreadfully for it had every kind of information in it.

Tuesday, 20 November

Feeling more strength and vigour than I have done for a long time.

Went to Oxford St in the morning and got Airtex shirts for Hester and Awly's Christmas presents. I had my hair waved at MacArthur's in the afternoon.

A man came from the telephone co. and started work on the installation here. A great surprise and joy.

Wednesday, 21 November

Very foggy all day but quite mild. I felt very off colour again and Mrs Keegan brought my lunch up to my room; Later I got up and went out to the Call Office (the telephone worker has not returned to complete the job here).

I rang up Anne. Spoke both to her and to Bet. She and Alice and Barnaby all arrived without mishap.

I had been going out to tea with them but the fog was too thick and in any case I did not feel up to it.

Thursday, 22 November

A foggy morning but it cleared before 11. Pippa arrived in the car about 12 o'clock bringing me lovely things for both house and garden. After lunch here she drove over to Hampstead and brought back Anne and Bet with Alice, Barnaby and Sarah. They all had tea here and Oswald turned up for it too. Pippa drove them back afterwards and we all had an early supper before Oswald went off for a meeting.

My telephone has been installed at last! Cunningham 7191.

Friday, 23 November

The fog cleared off and it has been quite a nice though sunless day.

Pippa and Oswald put the plants they had brought up into the garden, and I helped a little but not much!

They both went on their several ways about 12 o'clock and I left soon afterwards. Lunched at Clarendon Court and then went to the West End. Ordered my diary, got a couple of books for Christmas and then paid short visits to both Mabel and Enid, getting back for tea. Pips turned up a bit later.

Saturday, 24 November

A lovely day. Oswald left at 9 o'clock, and Pippa started in the car soon after 10 o'clock and dropped me at Lil's. After sitting with her a bit, I went out and did some shopping locally, and then Lil and I lunched together at the pub. Afterwards I bussed back here and got my rations before Mabel arrived for an early tea.

Sunday, 25 November

Very cold. The gas strike is on and heating and cooking is very difficult for the "Aunts" - not for me as I have got an electric cooker! I brought a fire across to Mabel, and returned Ethel Browning the small electric grid she had lent me.

I got back here for lunch and had to clean up the house and light the fire before Mick arrived for an early tea. After she left I went to evening service at St Mark's Hamilton Terrace - not inspiring.

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  1. Ah, Artex shirts - they bring back memories! Bought from Daniel Neals, London, and even afforded by my war widow mama, I think, or where they hand-me-downs from wealth(ier) and older girl cousin?