Friday, 18 December 2009

Week of 12 August 1946

Monday, 12 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

My foot is much less swollen and painful. I walked down in the morning to Clifton Road to do some necessary shopping but did not go out again. Anne and Sarah came to tea.

Tuesday, 13 August

My foot is almost normal. Mrs Neal came and gave the house a good clean up. Kathleen Hill came to tea.

Wednesday, 14 August

I went to tea with Mabel. Esther Graeme, Ilma and Mrs Davies were there. Afterwards I went on and sat with Enid. Got caught in heavy rain on the way home.

Thursday, 15 August

Mrs Neal came and gave the whole house a good clean. Anne and Sarah came to tea, and later still, Mr and Mrs Gerald Tooth, with Jocelyn and Graham. We had a fresh edition of tea and drinks and it all went very pleasantly. G. Tooth was delighted with the house.

Friday, 16 August

A lovely morning has turned into an unpleasant cold day. Bad luck for Anne and family driving down to Bexhill. Mabel came out to lunch. She is not looking at all well these days.

Saturday, 17 August

Wilma slept here

Wilma and Joan turned up for lunch. Wilma saw Joan off at Liverpool St for Wenham. After tea she and I did some gardening and later Reg rang up to say what a success Wilma had been at the Farm.

Sunday, 18 August

Lil slept here. Also Wilma

A very busy day, Wilma doing yeoman service in washing, mending, cooking for me. I felt very tired and my foot was hurting so got up late, rested and took aspirin. Lil arrived before 7 o'clock. Roddy dropped her here, but did not even come in for a drink as he was very pressed for time. Lil didn't look too bad and stayed up for supper.

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