Friday, 18 December 2009

Week of 5 August 1946

Monday, 5 August

47 Hamilton Terrace

Gerald Thompson with his wife and baby son came to tea, also Mabel. It all went very pleasantly.

Tuesday, 6 August

Mrs Neal came and cleaned for me in the morning and in the afternoon I went to see Gerald Tooth, and had a very satisfactory interview with him.

Grattan met me there and drove me to see Nanny who has now been in bed 10 weeks. Ella and her baby and also Betty were there. Grattan drove me back here and came in for a drink.

Wednesday, 7 August

I was busy in the morning preparing lunch for Aunt Julia. She greatly enjoyed it and was enthusiastic about the house.

Two women came to see me about my morning work and I have engaged a Mrs Fergusson to start on Friday. Rang up Bet this evening and heard that Barnaby's eczema was worse and that he may have to have X-ray treatment.

Thursday, 8 August

Mabel and I lunched at 20 Abbey Rd. After tea made a pot of cherry jam.

Friday, 9 August

A very disappointing morning. Mrs Fergusson, who was engaged to start work, never turned up! I went round to her house but she was out. In the afternoon I went to the Chapel House, Ealing, to have tea with Clara Weston and her adopted daughter Joy. They live in a Queen Anne Cottage in the Chapel House grounds, a large nursing home for nervous cases run by a Miss Kerren on definitely religious lines. I felt very tired when I got back, and had a drink!

Saturday, 10 August

I did some housework and after lunch went shopping in Edgware Rd. I fell down on my way back and must have twisted or strained my ankle as am very lame and it is painful.

Mabel came out to tea and did the washing up for me.

Sunday, 11 August

Ankle swollen and disfigured but much less painful, though I feel rather shaken up after my fall yesterday. Stayed in bed most of the morning. Mabel came on to lunch after St Martin's and stayed till after the 6 o'clock news and did all the washing up for me.

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