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Week of 26 August 1946

Monday, 26 August

Imperial Hotel, Exeter

Two very interesting morning lectures from Mr Chappell and Colonel Hill MP.

Lil's boil worse and I went down to the town in the afternoon to get dressings , disinfectant, etc.

In the evening there was a Conference Brains Trust with GH in the chair. Very good entertainment.

Tuesday, 27 August

Imperial Hotel, Exeter - Manhead Grange

A fine wind-up to the Conference with GH at his very best. Inspiring.

Mrs Parsons lunched with us and I saw Lil off at St David's station by the 3.30 for Paddington. Was then fetched by Sister Clarke in May's car and driven out to Manhead Grange where May had tea ready for us. She was very affectionate but very nervous. Did not take to Sister Clarke and the evening was a bit sticky.

Wednesday, 28 August

Manhead Grange - Lyd Valley House

May sent me in to Exeter after lunch to catch the 2.50 train to Bren Tor where Oswald and Pippa met me. Got here in time for a swell tea with homemade butter and Devonshire cream.

Felt tired and depressed.

Thursday, 29 August

Lyd Valley House

I drove in to Tavistock in the morning with Pippa and took a walk by the Tavy whilst she shopped but it was chilly and dworky [?]. Bought a game of Reversi for the children. Slept between lunch and tea. Walked down to Lipscliffe with Nicky afterwards.

Feeling off colour and livery. Wilma rang up in the evening.

Friday, 30 August

Pippa went out to Chillaton to get the week's rations and took Jeannine and Nicky with her. The rest of us played patience and Reversi.

In the evening the rain stopped and Oswald, Jeannine and I pulled up docks in garden field.

Saturday, 31 August

Angus Booth came over to tea and supper. A complicated wire for our Mabel to say that there is no restaurant car on the train tomorrow, but she is mistaken!!

Sunday, 1 September

Wilma slept here

Lyd Valley House - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa drove me to Tavistock to catch the 10.40 train to Waterloo. Jeannine, Nicky and James came with me. Philippa and Shirley were riding Toby on Bren Tor Moor. I had a comfortable journey and a nice lunch on the train. Had to queue for a taxi but got home about 5.30.

Arrived in a cloudburst and found Wilma and Emily here to welcome me. Very glad of my tea.

House looks surprisingly clean.

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