Sunday, 20 December 2009

Week of 2 September 1946

Monday, 2 September

Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Busy picking up the threads, getting in foods, etc. etc. Anne and Sarah came to tea. A lot of rain.

Tuesday, 3 September

Wilma slept here

Very busy cleaning the house and getting things in for supper. Patience and Michael Robb came round. It all went very well.

Wednesday, 4 September

Wilma slept here

I got drenched going to lunch with Enid. She is feeling very low without Dan who left for Southampton yesterday. Lil came to tea. Not looking up to much but the weather is getting everyone down.

Thursday, 5 September

Wilma slept here

A fine day at last and I had tea out on the loggia. Felt very tired all day.

A woman came in answer to my advert for morning help but I did not care for her personality.

I seem to have lost my ration card - a dreadful business.

Wilma mowed the lawn after her return from work.

Friday, 6 September

Felt awfully tired and good for nothing all day. Lay down in the afternoon and slept. Went to town hall in the morning about my ration card. Emily and I are alone tonight as Wilma has gone to the Bawtrees.

Saturday, 7 September

Wilma slept here

I felt seedy after a bad night when I quite thought I was getting appendicitis. Felt better in the morning and able to go out and do the necessary shopping though Enid offered to do it for me.

Wilma came back to a late supper.

Sunday, 8 September

Wilma slept here

Grattan came in the car and drove Wilma and me to lunch with them. In the afternoon he drove me back and Anne and Sarah came too, but they did not stay for tea.

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