Thursday, 7 January 2010

Week of 10 February 1947

Monday,10 February

Hester and Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Woke Reg at 7 am as arranged. He told me he had had a bad night and was pretty sure that he had got the bug. He arranged to pack and go down to the Farm and move over to Horie's flat in the evening.

Dr Moncrieff came to see us in the morning. Hester's temp 103.5 but down to normal in the evening after some of her dope. She said we all had had flu. The house is full of coughing! I gave her H's medical history, compiled by Bet, and she will probably like to have a blood count and X-ray taken. Rang up Bet in evening.

Mabel came to tea and brought milk etc.

Wilma up and going half cock.

Tuesday, 11 February

Hester and Wilma slept here

Dr Moncrieff came about lunchtime and found Hester much better, normal, but she is to keep in bed today, also myself as I have a little whispering in the chest and feel seedy. Wilma also far from right but is out and about and preparing an engagement to dine with a Mr and Mrs Huntley.

Dr Moncrieff's 4th visit this year.

Wednesday, 12 February

Hester and Wilma slept here

No change in the arctic weather. Hester sub-normal and got up to lunch. I lunched in bed but got up soon afterwards and stayed in drawing room till after supper, but felt pretty rotten and terribly cold. All of us in the same boat including Anne and Sarah who braved the weather and came to tea, chiefly to save firing their end. We are all in a parlous position for fuel.

Reg rang up from the Farm, feeling seedy but still hopeful that he had not got flu.

Thursday, 13 February

Hester and Wilma slept here

Spent day in bed feeling a wretched shape. Hester went out for the first time since her flu.

Dr Moncrieff came to see us in the evening and sanctioned Hester going down to Wenham for weekend.

Dr Moncrieff's fifth visit this year

Friday, 14 February

Wilma slept here

I got up after lunch and spent the rest of the day in the drawing room which we managed to get warm. Felt better but still lousy. Wilma saw Hester off at Liverpool St for Bentley by 2.22 train and I went over to have tea with Anne. Found her a lot better. We had taken Hester out in the morning and bought her a pair of black house shoes at Lilly and Skinner in Edgware Rd.

Reg rang up from Hove to find out how we all were.

Saturday, 15 February

Wilma slept here

No warmer! I came down after lunch and lay on the drawing room sofa with rug and hot water bottle, and tried not very successfully to keep warm. Cough very troublesome and I felt very exhausted.

Anne came to tea, having left Sarah at a children's party. None of us feeling on the spot. Wilma moved her car to another garage (Abbey Rd).

Reg rang up from Hove to know how we were getting on.

Sunday, 16 February

Wilma slept here

I did not feel so bad as yesterday and coughed a lot less. I did not stir out, nor Wilma except for taking Emily up the road.

Mabel came to tea, and brought us milk, cake and cough linctus.

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