Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Week of 3 February 1947

Monday, 3 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Celia's husband rang me up about 11 o'clock to say she was in bed with a fluish chill, so I have been on my own today and did not stir out except for half an hour this afternoon to get milk and bread in Clifton Road.

Tuesday, 4 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

Very cold. Wilma and Hester arrived about 11 o'clock. We all lunched at Selfridge's snack bar . Afterwards Wilma went for a perm and Hester and I to the National Portrait Gallery. Back to tea and Reg arrived from Devon about 7 o'clock.

Wednesday, 5 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

We rang up Bet and arranged that Wilma and Hester should postpone their drive down to Wenham. Reg went off early to the Farm. Wilma took Hester to see Hungry Hill at the Marble Arch Cinema.

They came back here and then Wilma went out to Anne and had tea there. Hamilton Terrace white again tonight.

Thursday, 6 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

Local shopping and we all lunched here off Vienna sausages. Celia was back at work. In the afternoon Hester went out to Anne and walked with her and Sarah in the park and had tea with them, and came back on her own. I went to Golders Green and got a form for Sarah's lost clothing card, and left it at Anne's on my way back. Reg got back here for tea.

Friday, 7 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

Colder than ever and our electricity was cut off for half an hour before breakfast. Reg went off to the Farm soon afterwards. Wilma, Hester and I took sandwiches and went to the early performance of Les Enfants du Paradis at the Rialto.

We were all disappointed and nipped to the bone. Got back to an early tea.

Saturday, 8 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

Hester and I went out to do some local shopping (Boots for book, Woolworth for bracelet (etc.) but H seemed so under the weather that I sent her back and did Clifton Road on my own. AM had been going to take Hester to the King's Pictures but we cancelled it. Wilma stayed in bed all day with mild flu.

Reg got back late from the Farm, looking perished with cold.

Sunday, 9 February

Reg, Hester and Wilma slept here

A very thick fall of snow and Reg employed 2 men to clear our steps.

Hester, Wilma and self all in bed with flu and slight temps, and Reg coped with everything!

In the afternoon he went to tea with Enid , looked in on Mabel and came back feeling fluish.

Rang up Anne. She and Sarah are swithering through, and Anne had been to church.

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