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Week of 23 June 1947

Monday, 23 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

I shopped locally and made ready for leaving tomorrow for my visit to the Farm. After tea I met Lil at 31 Tavistock Square where GH was giving a lecture to the Society of Psychical Research. Nothing spooky thank goodness and a great deal that was nice though I did not think he was at his best.

Tuesday, 24 June

47 Hamilton Terrace – Forest Hotel and Restaurant

Nearly missed the 10.18 train as the car ordered by Reggie’s [?] had put down the wrong time. Travelled down with a nice Mr Mullock and his 6 year old child Susan. Just back from India and on their way down to Parkfield to see an elder child (Nicky's school).

Pippa met me and I spent the day at CH and saw Philippa and later the 2 other children. Oswald away.

Reg picked me up at 6 o’clock and we had a delightful evening – dining out of doors off cold chicken, new potatoes and strawberries and cream. Slept in the redecorated attic, christened Normandie. Very nice and comfortable.

Wednesday, 25 June

Forest Hotel and Restaurant

A perfectly lovely day for the first at the farm, and we had all meals outside except breakfast.

Masses of strawberries but no vegetables yet in the garden though there will be more than enough in a week or two, and it looks as if there will be a bumper crop of raspberries.

Thursday, 26 June

Glorious midsummer weather. Horie was over. After lunch Reg and I drove over to Guildford to fetch some semen with which the vet artificially inseminated the cows. The first time it has been tried on the Farm.

All meals out on the Terrace- Restaurant except breakfast.

A very happy feeling day.

Friday, 27 June

A very hot night and neither of us slept well, so we felt tired. About lunch time a terrific thunderstorm with downpours of rain. Horie who had gone into Guildford for more semen was caught in the midst of it.

In the afternoon we got some furniture into the lounge and after tea Reg dropped me at CH on his way to Horsham where he was depositing Horie, and fetched me on his return.

Breakfasted on the terrace for the first time, but did not dine out as it was damp under foot.

Saturday, 28 June

Started in car at 2.25. Stopped for tea at Lewes in a very nice teashop. Reached Glyndebourne at 5.30. Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten – a comic opera beautifully performed. Between Acts 1 and 2 we had dinner at a table for 4. Our neighbours were 2 men – not English – very friendly and easy. Walked round the lake before driving home. A lovely sunset. Got back to the Farm soon after 11 o’clock.

A very nice affair altogether.

Sunday, 29 June

Forest Hotel and Restaurant – 47 Hamilton Terrace

Pips called for me in the car about 11 o’clock. I lunched at CH and caught a 4.32 train to Victoria. A frightful queue for taxis and I did not get home much before 7 o’clock. Planted out aubrietia, arranged flowers, stewed currants, roast the “weekend joint” and felt extremely tired.

Rang up Mrs Cornford and learnt that Nanny died quite early this morning. She had been unconscious for a week. Rang up Bet and let her know.

Did some weeding at CH. Oswald was seedy with an attack of laryngitis. 

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