Thursday, 28 January 2010

Week of 16 June 1947

Monday, 16 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

In the afternoon I did a little gardening and went to tea with Kathleen Hill.

Tuesday, 17 June

Joined Lil (and Mrs Davies) at the Swedenborg [?] Hall, Bloomsbury Way, to hear a lecture by Martin Buber on Proudhon. Far above my head but a most impressive personality and the questions afterwards (or rather his answers) most inspiring.

John Carolan and “his mate” mended the garden door.

Wednesday, 18 June

Pippa and Oswald slept here

I was expecting Pippa to tea but she rang up at 4 o’clock to say she had overslept and was only just leaving CH. A couple of hours later she rang up again to say she had had to have the car seen to and would be late. Turned up finally laden with roses and strawberries. Oswald arrived about 10 o’clock.

Thursday, 19 June

A bad night and I felt very tired. GH rang up to know if I could give him lunch, so I had to dash out and get some cold provisions. Very pleasant lunch and we were able to have drinks out on the verandah.

Oswald left in the morning in the car, and Pippa went by train to meet him at Walford in the afternoon. Lil came to tea and later we went on together to Swendenborg Hall to hear Martin Buber again. This time talking informally to the ‘Personalist Group’. GH was there and asked a question – also Olaf Stapleton. Buber is a great man I think, and it was a memorable evening.

Friday, 13 June

I lunched with Nan Park in the Cranmer Court Restaurant. Mabel came to tea afterwards. Listened in to Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten. Very disappointed in the first act but it grew on one.

Tim Milroy rang up to ask if he could come and see me tomorrow about 12 o’clock, so I had to offer him lunch though I have nothing in the house!

Saturday, 21 June

Tim Milroy came to lunch and was very pleasant. I sat out on the loggia most of the afternoon and cut the lawn after tea, and did a bit of gardening. Rang up Wenham in the evening. Yvonne Serh [?] was there and taking her children home on Monday. Donald had to be put away on Thursday.

Sunday, 22 June

I went to the Congregational Church in George St to hear Leslie Weatherhead but did not much care for him. Then on to lunch with Mabel and afterwards looked in on Enid and Amy Birch before paying a visit to Aunt Julia.

Back to tea which I had on the loggia, and afterwards did a bit of gardening.

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