Friday, 8 January 2010

Week of 24 February 1947

Monday, 24 February

Reg and Wilma slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

Wilma stayed in bed till teatime. Dr Moncrieff came to see her and found nothing wrong with her lung - intercostal rheumatism. Quite thinks she will get off on Friday.

Reg got back for a late tea.

Dr Moncrieff's sixth visit this year (to see Wilma)

Tuesday, 25 February

Reg and Wilma slept here

Wilma up and out and did some shopping. Mabel came to lunch.

Reg did not get back from the Farm till after 7 o'clock.

Wednesday, 26 February

Wilma slept here

Reg left after breakfast for Weymouth where he is meeting Aline and looking for a house. Wilma got her hair done and after lunch she and I went to Knightsbridge and bought 6 pairs of sheets for their guest house. Back to tea, and afterwards Wilma was very busy collecting things for her move to Studley Priory on Friday morning.

Thursday, 27 February

Reg and Wilma slept here

Wilma feeling poorly but Dr Moncrieff who saw her in the afternoon thought there was no reason why she should not be able to move tomorrow.

Great packing all day: the dining room loaded up with camp bed, etc. Anne and Sarah came to tea. Reg turned up later from Weymouth where he has purchased a house which he is renting to Aline. He had been seedy and thought he had some form of poisoning. Wilma put on her new frock which is charming.

Friday, 28 February

Reg slept here

Some more snow, but luckily it stopped for the loading of the Lanchester. Wilma fetched it at 8 am, and after we had had breakfast, we loaded it with the help of Celia (Reg had already left for the Farm). Everything was got in - a masterly pack - and she started for Studley at 10 am. I shopped, came back for an early lunch and met Mabel at St Martin's at 2.15 for a short instruction on prayer.

Came back and lay down in my room till 6 o'clock as I was very tired. Reg returned about 7 feeling much better.

Saturday, 1 March

Reg slept here

Feeling tired and good for nothing. Got a wire from Wilma from Studley Priory saying "everything splendid". Went out to tea with Anne and Sarah.

Bitterly cold.

Sunday, 2 March

Reg slept here

Reg stopped in bed most of the morning but I walked to St John's Wood Chapel for Choral Eucharist.

After lunch we walked round the Serpentine which looked very lovely. Frozen of course, and swans and thousands of gulls huddled together on the ice.

Feeling particularly well.

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