Friday, 8 January 2010

Week of 3 March 1947

Monday, 3 March

Reg and slept here

47 Hamilton Terrace

I felt a wretched shape with a headache. Lunched with Mabel, and Enid came in to see me afterwards.

Got back early in time for Pippa who turned up for tea. She had driven up in the morning with a load of logs from Elmhurst, had lunched with Anne and went back to sleep the night there.

Reg turned up very late after a long business interview with Roddy. Both of us very tired and went to bed early.

Tuesday, 4 March

Reg slept here

I felt poorly and stayed in bed most of the morning, but lunched with Lil and felt better afterwards and wrote some letters over her fire. Came back here in a snow blizzard - the worst we have had!

Reg got back from Horsham 1 and 1/2 hours late. The train had the greatest difficulty in moving at all, and kept stopping and the lights going out. He arrived chilled to the bone, but after a hot bath and a hot supper he seemed none the worse.

Wednesday, 5 March

Reg slept here

Colder than ever, and the streets indescribable. Reg left at 8.30 as usual for the Farm but found no trains were running. Lunched at the RAC and came back afterwards, miserably cold.

I had done some shopping in the morning, but we neither of us went out in the afternoon.

Anne has got a heavy cold.

Thursday, 6 March

Reg and slept here

Another appalling day. Reg poorly and had decided not to stick to the house even before hearing railway conditions were as bad as ever. He rang up Pips who arranged to get wages out to the Farm etc. He heard a less good report of Horie who is down with flu.

Friday, 7 March

Reg slept here

Reg better and went out in the afternoon, and in the evening he and I went to the Mercury Theatre to see Those Beautiful People by Saroyan. We were disappointed on the whole and it was very cold. The best part was the singing of some negro spirituals before the play by Uriel Porter.

Saturday, 8 March

Reg had a bad night with some pain and decided to go down to Hove, as Jane had suggested a couple of times. He packed and left by a 1 o'clock train from Victoria. I drove down with him and went on to pick up some fish cakes Mabel had left out for me. Home for lunch.

Pips rang me up in the evening to say that Nicky had measles.

Sunday, 9 March

A gorgeous sunny morning but I felt very tired and gave church a miss. Lunched with Anne and found both her and Sarah better.

Got back for tea and had a useful busy evening.

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