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Week of 7 July 1947

Monday, 7 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory

I met Mabel at Paddington and we caught the 1.45 train to Oxford where Wilma met us in the Lanchester. Reached Studley in time for tea. I was in the Oak Room with Mabel next door. Everything looks very lovely and I think Mabel liked it quite as much as one could reasonably expect. 21 guests in the house! including the 3 Mabeys.

Mabel had brought down (so she thought) a bottle of sherry and it was arranged that the Mabeys, Bawtrees and Wilma should join us in "Oak" after 9 o'clock news and drink Bet's health. Luckily Ray discovered in time that it was vinegar and substituted another bottle! AM and I know nothing of this till next morning!!

Tuesday, 8 July

Studley Priory - 47 Hamilton Terrace

A very disappointing day for Mabel's first, cold and windy and heavy showers. Ray drove us in to Oxford in the morning and we walked in Tom Quad and sat in Christ Church Chapel.

In the afternoon Wilma showed us all over the house (they have done wonders with it) and after tea Wilma drove me to the station and Mabel came to see me off. Caught the 5.52 train to Paddington and got here just before 8 o'clock. Very tired. A lot of telephoning. Pips is providing Wilma with petrol coupons to enable her to drive over to Wenham tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Great Wenham Hall

A busy morning, bringing foodstuffs for Wenham and packing etc. Celia got me a taxi and I caught the 3.48 train to Manningtree, changing at Colchester. Bet and Pont were out when I arrived, fetching his car, but Anne and all the children helped me unpacking. H and A very cheerful (outwardly at any rate). Soon Bet arrived and then Wilma, and we all had a cold supper. Bet took H and A out for a short drive. Pont looked in later but I did not see him as I felt very tired and had gone to bed early.

Thursday, 10 July

Great Wenham Hall

Bet's wedding day. Grey and sunless and quite a lot of rain but all well and happy. They were married at the Catholic Church at Brantham by Father Arrowsmith, and afterwards all came back to Wenham Place where we had a marvellous buffet lunch, mostly cooked by Tim Milroy. About 2 o'clock Bet and Pont started off in his car towing a caravan in which they are spending their honeymoon. They are making for Devonshire. Bet looked lovely in church. She was wearing a tweed jacket and brown felt hat, and a spray of honeysuckle. Pont had cleaned himself up and looked very nice too. All the children came to church. Tim Milroy gave Bet away. H and A returned to school in the evening. Wilma left in the car about 6 o'clock laden with fruit for bottling.

Friday, 11 July

In the afternoon Tim Milroy took Anne and the little girls to see a house for sale in East Bergholt which proved quite impossible. I made 3 lbs of raspberry jam.

Saturday, 12 July

In the afternoon Tim Milroy drove us all out to see a house in Colne Engaine. A lovely drive by Higham, Stoke by Nayland, Nayland and Bures but the house itself was quite unsuitable though it had a gorgeous view and the makings of a nice garden. In the evening I made 3 lbs of gooseberry jam. I rang up Pips and heard she was coming down on Tuesday.

Sunday, 13 July

Nobody went to church. Tom and Mabelle Burns came over and picked raspberries in the morning, and Dick and Daphne came to tea. In the evening we heard from Wenham Place that Bet and Pont were caravanning at Studley Priory!! Anne and I wholly slammed!!!

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