Saturday, 30 January 2010

Week of 14 July 1947

Monday, 14 July

Great Wenham Hall - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Left Wenham to catch 9.22 train at Manningtree and got home at 12 o'clock. Found Celia here and the house very tidy though very airless.

Made 3 lbs of blackcurrant and rhubarb jam after lunch and then went to tea with Lil, and heard and told a lot of news. In the evening rang up Anne who sounded very depressed. Pips rang me up to say that James was poorly with a bronchial attack but she was driving over tomorrow to Wenham as arranged.

Tuesday, 15 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Supped with Enid. Very pleasant time. Came back and watered the garden.

Wednesday, 16 July

Went to Soho in afternoon and got spaghetti to send down to Anne, and on to Holborn for some salami which Lil is sending her. Rang up Great Wenham and spoke to Pippa and Anne. Alice was seedy.

Thursday, 17 July

Met Kathleen Hill at the Mercury Theatre for the matinee of I Said to Myself. A clever play by Sebastian Shaw, excellently cast, but not an outstanding affair.

Friday, 18 July

Saw bank manager in morning about Defence Bonds, Post War Credits etc. Lunched at the Tea Kettle, Basil St. Mabel came out to tea and gave me a great account of Studley and the caravanners. Rang up Wenham and heard that Alice was better but Sarah off colour. Pips rang me up and said that Nicky was in bed with a temp. but the doctor had seen her and thought it was nothing much.

Saturday, 19 July

Met Mabel at Barkers in morning to try and find lampshade for her present to Bet. No success.

Felt seedy and rested in the afternoon. In the evening had a ring up from Anne to say that Tim had taken her to see a house at Boxted and she had first refusal on it it till Monday, and could I help her with a mortgage. I rang up Reg who said to carry on so I rang her up again and then will phone Oswald tomorrow. In many ways it sounds most awfully nice.

Felt full of cold this evening.

Sunday, 13 July

Woke feeling seedy so cancelled my lunch at Carine's club and stayed in bed all day. Luckily there was plenty of cold food in the house. Got through a good lot of reading and writing, but felt very muzzy and glad to be by myself. In the evening (at Mab's advice) I rang up Dr Moncrieff and asked her to look in tomorrow, which she will do.

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