Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Week of 2 May 1949

Monday, 2 May 1949

47 Hamilton Terrace

Phoned Miss Gander to try and get a place for Maureen who is a terrible old man of the sea. Then shopped unsuccessfully in the West End. Rang up Pippa, Betty and Anne in the evening. Pippa and James will look in here about 2 o'clock for ices. Anne and Sarah will lunch here on Wed en route for Studley. But Bet is not coming up after all. Awly will sleep here on Thursday on her return from Paris and go home the following day.

Tuesday, 3 May

Shopped locally in the morning and got an ice brick for James who arrived with Pippa about 2 o'clock en route for his school, looking splendid.

Mabel came to tea and afterwards a Miss Peace from the FO who I think will take my rooms. She will let me know tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4 May

Maureen has got a job with Mrs Lister, higher up the terrace and moved in this evening. Miss Peace has taken my rooms. Anne and Sarah lunched here en route for Studley.

Thursday, 5 May

Awly slept here

Awly arrived from Paris just before 8 o'clock. Looking very well, but with a heavy cold and sore throat.

Friday, 6 May

Awly got a taxi with great difficulty this morning and left at 9.30.

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