Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Week of 9 May 1949

Tuesday, 10 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Shopped in morning and got Wilma her birthday presents. Overall, necklace and photograph album. Reg turned up for tea (looking poorly and tired) and we had a very pleasant evening together.

Smith worked in the garden and put down weed killer.

Wednesday, 11 May

Reg slept here

Reg met Aline midday on her return from Paris at the RAC and they lunched together. He came back to tea, but went down to dine with her at the Grosvenor where he had managed with great difficulty to get her a room.

Friday, 13 May

After an early lunched I bussed down to Kew where I met Geraldine who piloted me to bluebells and azaleas - unbelievably lovely. We had a nice talk, and sat by the lake and watched baby ducklings and I got back in time for tea.

Sunday, 15 May

In the evening I went to the opening Mission Service taken by our missioner - Rev Chadwick. I did not like it and I do not think I shall go again.

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