Sunday, 7 November 2010

Week of 16 May 1949

Wednesday, 18 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

I met Mabel at the Tate Gallery in the morning to see the Vienna Exhibition

Friday, 20 May

I shopped succesfully in the morning and got a pair of natural coloured idler shoes at London Shoe Co, and ordered a a hat from Jane Morris. Lunched with Mabel whom I found seedy with a cold, so she did not come with me to the last of the mission services at St Paul's Knightsbridge. I thought it was very disappointing. Got back to tea and wrestled with accounts most of the evening.

Saturday, 21 May

I saw Dr Harris this morning about Mabel. The treatment he recommends is turns out to be a new and much less drastic edition of the shock treatment. She came out this afternoon and I told her about it. She has not turned it down but nothing will be decided in a hurry.

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