Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Week of 12 September 1949

Monday, 12 September
47 Hamilton Terrace
Dolly Ettinger
Very busy morning trying to get aertex shirts for Alice. Finally succeeded.
Dolly Ettinger arrived at 6 o'clock and we had high tea and then went to the Albert Hall for the Prom Concert. Mable, her Ellen and Pamela Denniston joined us in Alice Parsons's box. Quite a pleasant concert but it did not take one off's one feet. Adrian Boult conducted.
Sunday, 18 September
After the 9 o'clock news, Sir Stafford Cripps made the tremendous announcement that the pound was devalued (2 dollars 80 cents). All banks and stock exchange closed tomorrow. Bread will go up in a fortnight's time.

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