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Week of 15 August 1949

Monday, 15 August 1949
47 Hamilton Terrace
To the manager of Westminster Bank to arrange for an overdraft of up to £250 to the end of the year. Then to Hardy (Cooper) and left silver to be cleaned and discussed selling some.
A lot of writing and phoning in the afternoon, and Pippa and Reg phoned me after supper.
Tuesday, 16 August
Went to Oxford St in the morning and got my ticket to Colchester for Thursday.
Wednesday, 17 August
Met Reg and Joan at Victoria Station and we went to Gorringe and chose her a school coat. Then she went by train to lunch with AM, and Reg and I had a lovely  lunch at Ecu de France. We then met Joan and Mabel at Victoria and Reg and Joan went back to Horsham. Mabel and I had a talk in the Grosvenor Hotel before I came home.
Thursday, 18 August
47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend
Bussed to Liverpool St Station and caught the 10.25 to Colchester where Anne met me, looking blooming. Taxied to Troughend, and were met by Sarah and Bram. We had shandygaff. Bram went away for lunch and after lunch I rested for a bit. Then Sylvia came along bringing a present of green tumblers? Also Bram brought down Ruth Garszynski (a daughter of Mr Holgate - very ugly but exceedingly nice). Bram was in and out all evening.
Friday, 19 August
Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Woke early and was in the kitchen making tea before 7 o'clock. Joined by Anne. Breakfasted downstairs (Anne scrubbed the kitchen floor afterwards). Tim and Clarissa turned up about 10.30. Anne, Bram, Tim, Mr  Holgate and I drove into Colchester and got to the Registry Office at 11.45. Nothing unpleasant or sordid and lasted only a quarter of an hour. Both Anne and Bram looked radiant and very nice. Anne wore a neutral coloured suit, with red and white striped cotton skirt and a close-fitting light brown hat. They both had button holes of ? pinks. We picked up Bet, Pont and Alice on our way back. Drinks at Troughend. Then a lovely wedding lunch at the Holgates. Then Troughend again till our taxi to take us back to Colchester.
A very happy day. Home at 8 o'clock.
Sunday, 21 August
47 Hamilton Terrace
I sent Pips and Wilma a good description of Ann's wedding, and after supper I wrote to Cosh about it, then rang up Charmian who was very nice and pleasant.

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