Sunday, 16 January 2011

Week of 24 October 1949

Monday, 24 October
Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace
Ellen rang me up in the morning to say that her sister had changed her
mind and was not coming to me, and that she herself was leaving that
day before I returned!! No explanation!
I caught a 2.18 train up and returned to an empty house. Had to dash
down to Clifton Rd and get bread before the shops shut. Taxied to
Paddington after tea and arranged for Mary Taylor to come in for a
coiple of hours' cleaning tomorrow. A lot of telephoning. I felt tired
and low.
Tuesday, 25 October
Went to get bus tickets foor Hester to Newbury, and for Bet and Awly
and self for Oxford.
Thursday, 27 October
Hester slept here
Hester arrived after lunch. Went to Marius at the Curzon which she
enjoyed. Went to supper with the Harters in their flat in Chelsea.
Friday, 28 October
Bet and Awly slept here
Hester went off soon after 8 o'clock. Lil came to early lunch to help
me eat Bet's cold duck.
I have let my room to a very nice American - Olivia Ranond? -
indirectly through Alice Parsons, and she is coming next Thursday. No
maid yet.
Saturday, 29 October
47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory
Bet and I met Awly at Victoria and caught the 10.30 coach to Oxford. A
cheery journey and we got up here in time for a late and very good
lunch. Afterwards I rested till teatime.
House quite full. Hester had enjoyed her dance last night and was out
cubbing today. Awly in very good looks and spirits. Alice improved by
school but still looks delicate to me.
I am in the former servants' wing (Evenlode) which I always like.
Sunday, 30 October
Studley Priory
Had a splendid night and woke to the most gorgeous day. Hester and
Awly rode, and Bet and I took Jenny and Alice for a walk.
In the afternoon Wilma and I went out and saw her livestock in the
gardens. Very interesting.

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