Saturday, 15 January 2011

Week of 26 September 1949

Monday, 26 September 1949
25 Seaview, Bacton
A lovely day and we all bussed to Norwich where we lunched at Curat's House and then separated, meeting again at the bus station.
Mabel and I spent most of our time in the Cathedral, very lovely.
Tuesday, 27 September
In the afternoon Mabel and I walked to Happisburgh along the beach, much further than we expected and back by bus.
Wilma arrived soon after 6 o'clock. I had gone down to meet her but she came by taxi. We had drinks at the King's Arms.
Wednesday, 28 September
We bussed to Cromer and lunched at the Regency Hotel. Wilma and I paddled, Mabel sat on the pier. Home for tea.
Ellen biked to Yarmouth. Wilma and I had drinks at the Duke of Edinburgh.
Thursday, 29 September
Sea View, Bacton - 47 Hamilton Terrace
A rush to leave the bungalow clean and tidy before our 10 o'clock start to N Walsham. I felt poorly after a bad night so Wilma phoned Anne to cancel our plan to look in at Troughend en route. Wilma left us at Norwich and we reached London to find none of our luggage was on the train. It did not turn up till after 7 o'clock.
Mabel and I spent our time in the Station Hotel - tea, reading and telephoning. Very tired when we finally got back about 8 o'clock. Pips rang up. She is off to Eggardon tomorrow for apple picking.
Saturday, 1 October
47 Hamilton Terrace
Went to the morning meditations at 15 Gordon Place. Rested in the afternoon and went to the Mahler concert at the Albert Hall conducted by Bruno Walter.
I gave Warwick Davies my other ticket in Alice Parson's box. The remaining seats were occupied by three young men who were very pleasant and interesting. None the worse though very tired.

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