Saturday, 5 February 2011

Week of 7 November 1949

Monday, 7 November 1949

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Reg lunched out and came back to tea but could not let himself in as he had not got a key, so rang up Lil and I told him where my cache key was.

Tuesday, 8 November

Reg slept here

Mary Taylor brought her friend Kitty Bourke and they worked together, and I arranged for Kitty to come again tomorrow as the other string to my bow. Mrs Doherty had failed to ring me up.

Reg and I dined at the Euston Hotel. 

Friday, 11 November

Reg slept here

Reg hired an alliance car and we drove down in style to the Prince of Wales to see Harvey. Excellent

Saturday, 12 November

Reg and Bram slept here

Reg was out for lunch and then Bram turned up about 7.30. He and Reg had not met before. Everyone tired and evening a bit sticky.

Sunday, 13 November

Pips and Bram slept here

Quite a lot to do with Bram staying till tomorrow. He left after lunch to go down to his mother in Ashtead, and Reg left soon after to go back to the farm.

Came back in time for supper which we cooked in the kitchen. Afterwards he went out to see a friend so did not meet Pips who arrived soon after, and we both went ot bed, tired. She was looking very pretty.

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