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Week of 6 March 1950

Monday, 6 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Christa went off after breakfast to see the State Opening of Parliament and I went to Iona but no-one was there so I did not stay long. In the afternoon I saw a German girl who may possibly come to me when Christa leaves on April 8th. She seems nice but nothing is settled. I then went to Burlington House to see the French pictures for the third and last time. I had tea there and then heard a lecture on Cézanne. Very good. 

On my return I heard that Hester had rung up to say that Bet had measles. I phoned later but could only speak to Mary.

Tuesday, 7 March

In the evening I rang up Lower Hall Farm and spoke to Hester. Bet is feeling very ill with a temperature of 104 but the doctor who saw her today says there are no complications. It appears that Pont is the only one of the family who has had measles.

Thursday, 9 March

47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend

Felt exhausted when I left to catch the 3.48 train to Colchester but revived after some tea in the train. Anne had sent a taxi for me. All looking well except Bram who has a cold and a headache. Lots of improvements to the cottage but the financial position pretty grim. Phoned LHF. Bet had not had such a good day.

Saturday, 11 March


We bussed into the market where Bram was displaying his wares. No orders alas. Then on to see Sarah at her ballet class. Then a picnic lunch outside the castle. Got home about 3 o'clock.

Sunday, 12 March

Phoned Bet who sounded a lot better, but Hester has now got it! Offered to go and lend a hand tomorrow but was turned down! Dick and Daphne Pemberton came to tea.

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