Thursday, 2 June 2011

Week of 13 March 1950

47 Hamilton Terrace

Tuesday, 14 March

Pippa and Oswald slept here

Worked at Iona in the morning. Lunched with Lil. She had been out but still looks very poorly. Rested and had tea upstairs where I interviewed Hildergarde Schoch and have engaged her from April 6th subject to reference!!

Pippa and Oswald turned up about 6 o'clock after seeing Philippa inter her train for Seaford. They had been to Buck House to Oswald's CBE and then to see Travellers Joy.

Rang up Bet. She is better but she thinks all the rest of the family has got it.

Thursday, 16 March

I worked at Iona, lunched with Enid and Eve, sat with Lil, and came back here for tea. Rang up Bet. She is up and about. Hester has been very ill with nose bleeding etc. but is better tonight. The four little boys all pretty miserable.

Friday, 17 May

I shopped in Oxford St in the morning, bought red slacks for Wuff's birthday in May and some chocolate Easter eggs. Felt very tired in the afternoon and rested till Margaret Thompson and children arrived. They had to leave before Mabel turned up for tea. She stayed for supper and gave me her story to read. Very well written though very slight.

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