Monday, 20 June 2011

Week of 15 May 1950

Wednesday, 17 May

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet slept here

Bet breakfasted in bed and then went off to inspect the Polytechnic for Awly (and perhaps Hester) next autumn. Pleased with what she saw. She got back about tea time and we have had an awfully nice evening together.

Thursday, 18 May

Bet slept here

Bet went off after breakfast and did not come back till 8 o'clock. She had met Pippa at the Curzon to see the Marx Brothers. They liked it very much. Pips had supper here and caught the last train back to CH; I had been to Mr Butler and had my teeth out by injection. He only gave me half strength and I did not feel so badly off as last time.

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