Monday, 26 September 2011

Saturday, 15 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne, Sarah and I went to Covent for the New York City ballet. We all enjoyed it. Bram took us there by car.

After supper he drove us down to the Horse Guard Parade ground for the Tattoo, which I enjoyed though it was a great crowd and we did not see much. Later Anne and Bram went on to Mr Whittle's flat and she was not back till nearly 2 o'clock! Her neuralgia has gone at last.

A very showery St Swithin!!

Sunday, 16 July

Anne took Sarah to High Mass at Westminster Cathedral and I went to matins at St John's Wood. Bram came to lunch and they left in the car at 2.30. They all enjoyed their time here and so did I, but Anne's neuralgia spoilt it a lot.

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