Monday, 3 October 2011

Week of 24 July 1950

Monday, 24 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

I met Mabel at the Plane Tree Restaurant opposite the YWCA and had an early lunch before going to a meeting on Korea organised by the Peace Council. Very interesting speeches of all shades of opinion but very noisy Communist interruptions. Enid feeling poorly with a tired heart.

Tuesday, 25 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Lower Hall Farm

A busy morning packing and getting food and presents for LHF. Hester was most helpful. Hildegard came with me to the station to carry some of my luggage. Hester and I lunched in the train and Bet and Awly met us at Halesworth in the car. We got back in time for tea. It had turned into a lovely evening, and it was very interesting meeting everyone and making friends with Barnaby and John.

But I felt very tired.

Wednesday, 26 July

Lower Hall Farm

Delightfully happy household and I am well pleased with all my grandchildren. Bet's short hair is a great improvement.

Thursday, 27 July

In the afternoon we picked up John at his school and went to Walberswick where Bet, Hester, Awly and Alice bathed, and John and I paddled - very pleasant.

Friday, 28 July

Lower Hall Farm - 47 Hamilton Terrace

In the afternoon B et drove me into Halesworth and Awly and Alice came too. I got up to Liverpool St at 6.48 and Hildegard met me there and we bussed home together.

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