Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Week of 5 June 1950

Tuesday, 6 June

Troughend - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Bram drove me in to Colchester station to catch the 10.37 train to London, and we picked up Anne who had gone earlier on the school bus to have a tooth out. I got back to find all well, and a delightful cold lunch prepared by Hilde. Rested all afternoon.

Went to Iona Centre in the evening for MM's lecture on adolescence. Very good.

Friday, 9 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Reg slept here

Reg turned up about 4 o'clock and we had a pleasant couple of hours and a light meal before starting off for the New Theatre to see The Cocktail Party by T.S. Eliot. We neither of us liked Rex Harrison who takes the psychiatrist's part but we were very interested in the play.

Saturday, 10 June

After lunch I went to Langley Rise by Green Line Coach and had tea with Maud Everett in her little cottage, and afterwards sat out in the garden with Audrey and Winnie Steevens. Later had a nice time with Miss Jörgensen. Reached home laden with flowers about 8.

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