Sunday, 11 September 2011

Week of 29 May 1950

Saturday, 3 June

47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend

A lovely day. I packed in the morning and then went to the monthly meditation taken by Miss Lindo as Miss Dunlop is not yet back from Austria. Hilde came with me to Liverpool Street Station to help me with my luggage and I caught the 3.48 train to Colchester where Anne and Sarah met me in their car! A 20-year old Austin 14 hp.

Great excitement as Sarah had had her plaits off and also had heard that she had passed her primary ballet test with honours. Gerald Bourne came over for supper. I went to bed early, very tired.

Sunday, 4 June


Terribly hot and thundery, and Anne and I felt worn to a frazzle. She took Sarah to Nayland for mass in the car. In the evening Bram took us for a very pleasant drive round by Higham, Stoke etc. etc. Everything would have been nice if I hadn't felt so exhausted.

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