Saturday, 22 October 2011

Week of 18 September 1950

Monday, 18 September

Cliffside Hotel, Woolacombe Bay

Weather much better but still cold and stormy. We walked on the beach before lunch qnd in the afternoon had tea at Watersmeet Hotel and then walked on to Morthoe church - a very steep climb. Very old church and very interesting.

Watersmeet Hotel

Wednesday, 20 September

Weather wretched and we are half inclined  to cutting our holiday short and returning Friday, but later decided to stick it out. In the afternoon bussed into Ilfracombe to see Odette which Mabel had never seen. We were thankful to get out of the wind!

I didn't like Ilfracombe

Friday, 22 September

Weather worse again, blowing hard and tremendous showers. Eve came in the car and fetched us back to lunch. Negley in a very nice and pleasant mood and gave both Mabel and me an autographed copy of his Sons of Noah. Eve and I walked on their beach and she showed me where the Hollians ? lived. Afterwards she drove us round by Shaunton Sands to Braunton where I bought some dishes at the Pottery and home to tea.

Saturday, 23 September

Cliffside Hotel - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel slept here

Wind dropped at last and less cold but very overcast and rain was falling when we left Morthoe at 10.50. A very comfortable journey and we got back to tea and a welcoming Hildegard. Her brother arrived this morning and has got a room in Sutherland Avenue. We rang up Enid and Lil.

Sunday, 24 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Mabel slept here

Awly came to lunch and stayed till after tea. A delightful girl. Very pleased with her work and her hostel. Mabel went and had tea with Enid.

Dr Schock (Hildegard's brother) is going to have his meals here.

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