Thursday, 27 October 2011

Week of 30 October 1950

Tuesday, 31 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Woke feeling very exhausted so decided to stay in bed till the evening. Got up just in time for Awly who arrived for tea, and Hester turned up an hour later. Had a most pleasant evening with them and felt the better for it.

Friday, 3 November

47 Hamilton Terrace - Arnold Hotel, Brighton

Fine day. I woke very tired and had a non-stop time arranging everything for Betty and family's arrival tomorrow. Caught 4 o'clock train from Victoria to Brighton. Hildegard came with me to the station with my suitcase. Rather appalled at the type of hotel and my room but am lucky to have it to myself. Dinner at 6.30 - quite good - afterwards opening lectures from Eric and Mary Macaulay. I was too exhausted to do justice to them.

Arnold House

Saturday, 4 November

Arnold House Hotel, Brighton

Bet, Pont, Hester, Awly, Alice, Barnaby and John all slept here.

Slept well but woke up quite dead to the world. Lectures all morning, quite first class. I did not attend the study group but walked down to the front instead. Rested all afternoon, healing from GH and MM in the evening. The authentic GH at his best. But I was crushingly tired. Hotel a very Butlin affair.

Sunday, 5 November

Arnold House, Brighton - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet, Pont, Hester, Alice, Barnaby and John all slept here, but not Awly

After the morning session (very good again) I went and sat at the end of the West Pier. In the afternoon, the wind-up session and then I caught the 4.25 train before reaching home before 6 o'clock.

Everyone out barring Hildegard, but Bet and family (with the excepton of Pont and Awly who had gone to a film) turned up about 7 o'clock. A happy evening except for my tiredness.


  1. I wish that each time I felt tired, I could just decide to spend the whole day in bed, too!! It is funny how it seems that life is just happening to your grandmother; she doesn't at all appear to be a lady of action. She sounds sweet, though, and has humor.



  2. I've just seen your comment! Unlike you, I CAN spend the whole day in bed whenever I feel tired! Love, Papa