Thursday, 27 October 2011

Week of 6 November 1950

Monday, 6 November

46 Hamilton Terrace

Stayed in bed all day and saw very little of the family who were out and about. Awly's half-term at Polytechnic so she was able to help Bet.

Thursday, 9 December

Dr St Aubyn came at 10.30 and found my blood pressure just a little better which under the adverse circumstances he thought satisfactory. Refused to let me lunch downstairs with Bram and Anne who arrived soon after 10 o'clock from the Law Courts. Bram's case turned down. I thought they both looked well and nice.

Saturday, 11 November

Hildegard left at 9 o'clock for her day at Eastbourne. Awly and Gillian turned up at 11.30 to look after me, and did my shopping, prepared lunch, etc. Rested all the afternoon during which Awly and G inspected a flat nearby and went to see Sunset Boulevard in Edgware Road. We all had an early supper together after which they went back to the convent.

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