Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week of 12 March 1951

Monday, 12 March 1951

47 Hamilton Terrace

Went to Central Hall Westminster for a meeting sponsored by the National Peace Council, where I met Enid and Mabel, Vernon Bartlett in the chair. Speakers Barbara Castle MP, Viscount Hincingbroke MP, Cyril Osborne JP and Victor Gollancz. Most interesting. 

Returned to find that Betty had been ringing me up.

Wednesday, 14 March

Awly arrived for high tea after which we went to the Royal Cinema to see The Prisoner of Zenda  which we both liked immensely.

Sunday, 18 March

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elmhurst Farm

Mabel lunched with me and came down to Victoria and saw me off by 3.18 train to Horsham. It was pouring but cleared on arrival. Reg met me and gave me a great welcome, a lovely tea and violets in my bedroom.

Great talking, chiefly about AM's affairs.

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