Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week of 26 February 1951

Monday, 26 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Anne and Sarah slept here

Anne and Sarah did some unsuccessful shopping in the morning as well as a haircut at Selfridge. After lunch they had better luck at Swiss Cottage and both got very nice shirts.

Tuesday, 27 February

Anne, Sarah and Bet slept here

I took Sarah over to Lady Wiles to collect children's books and afterwards we shopped in Clifton Road. Bet was expected to lunch but rang up to say her train was late and she was going straight to Woodside Hospital.

Awly turned up for tea and stayed for supper. Bet did not arrive till after 6. Bet found Pont very pleased with his surroundings and quite cheery.

Wednesday, 28 February

Anne, Sarah and Bet slept here

Bet took Sarah out shopping this morning and they saw the Changing of the Guard. Wilma arrived for an early lunch. Afterwards Bet went to Woodside and saw Dr Bartlett and afterwards Pont, returning in time for tea with Wilma and me.

Dr Bartlett is satisfied with Pont's progress but he will be in hospital for some weeks yet.

Thursday, 1 March

Anne, Sarah and Bet slept here

Bet went to the hospital after a very early lunch, and to my surprise brought Pont back with her for tea. Awly was already here and they all three went off to a film and supper at a Lyons Corner House.

Anne and Sarah went to tea with Lady Grattan-Doyle at Ealing - very dreary, I gather.

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