Sunday, 18 March 2012

Week of 18 June 1951

Friday, 22 June
47 Hamilton Terrace - Seaton
Wet in early morning but cleared before my start for Waterloo for 11 am train to Seaton. Erna came with me to the station where I met Mabel. Comfortable journey and we are more than satisfied both with the place and our hotel. Delightful rooms, overlooking sea, and boats.
After tea went and sat on the shingle beach till our 7 o'clock supper. Nice food. Weather sunless alas but might be a lot worse. Both of us went early to bed - very tired.

Stunning view of the shingle beach
Saturday, 23 June
Westleigh Hotel, Seaton, Devon
We were out all the morning, mostly on the sea walk. Rested after lunch and then took a 4 o'clock bus to Beer where we had tea. Disappointed in Beer but was glad to have seen it. Weather very disappointing and definitely chilly but we both continue very pleased with our lot.

Sunday, 24 June
Westleigh Hotel, Seaton, Devon
A much nicer morning which we spent on the beach. After lunch we bussed to Sidmouth. A very nice afternoon except that Mabel left her shopping bag with nearly all her possessions on the bus. She retrieved it later. We had tea at the Mocha Café.

The Mocha Restaurant

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