Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Week of 2 July 1951

Tuesday, 3 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Awly and I are wanted to go on the Canal but no seats were available. But we had a very pleasant evening and Awly loved her strawberries and rang up Ringshall Grange.

Wednesday, 4 july

Had a silly little rumpus with Erna but it has blown over. About 10 o'clock we all went down to the North Embankment to look at the illuminations and greatly admired them.

Thirsday, 5 July

Spent the morning at the Tate Gallery seeing the Hogarth and Henry Moore exhibitions. Lunched outside the gallery and then met Enid and Mabel fr the lunch hour address at St Martin's which was given by Joseph McCulloch. Good but not so outstanding as I had been expecting.

Friday, 6 July

Hester slept here

Enid and I went to Westminster Abbey for a choir recital of church music - very beautifully done but rather monotonous.


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