Friday, 20 April 2012

Week of 11 February 1952

Monday, 11 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

The King's coffin was brought to Westminster Hall.

Wednesday, 13 February

Enid rang me up to say she could take me with her to the Lying in State on a card from the Dean, avoiding the queue. Wonderful luck for me. We saw it all beautifully, a magnificent sight. Lil and Mabel did likewise after lunch. Pippa came in from CH and joined the queue. It took her 3 hours to reach Westminster Hall.

Thursday, 14 February

Bram rang me up this morning from Witt's flat. he had come up last night for the Lying in State. He had had to queue for 6 hours!

Friday, 15 February

The day of the King's funeral

The Funeral procession left Westminster Hall at 9.30. The Queen, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and the Princess Royal drove behind the gun carriage, and the four Royal Dukes walked behind(Edinburgh, Gloucester, Windsor and young Kent). I listened in most of the morning.

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