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Week of 17 March 1952

Tuesday, 18 March

Troughend - Ringshall Grange

Thick fog which cleared by 10.30 when Bram and I pushed off to Bet. Anne and Peter as Sarah was in bed with a temperature. We stopped at Hadleigh for grapefruit etc - then on to Dick Pemberton who spoke cheerfully of his angina (Daphne was at the dentist) and got to Ringshall about 12.30. It is a delightful place. If only I did not feel so tired!! Bram stayed till after supper. Awly got back from work in time for tea, looking as pretty as paint.

Wednesday, 19 March

Ringshall Grange

Slept splendidly (I was in Awly's room) but felt no less tired. Awly took Johnny pu to London where he is to stay with Pont for a couple of days, and will come back herslef this evening. I stayed in bed till nearly lunch time which Bet and I had tête à tête. Then we walked round till she went off to prepare for the Conservative Supper she has to go to this evening; I rested and after tea read Dr Doolittle Circus  to Barnaby. Phoned Anne and heard that Sarah was better.

Thursday, 20 March

Dickie was poorly and stayed from work. Daphne Pemberton came over for morning coffee and talked frankly about Dick's Angina. She seems moer down than he does. After tea drove me over to pick up Hester at Finborough Hall, and showed me Barnaby's school on the way. After supper she brought the Bossios in. Very nice but I felt too tired (and deaf) really to enjoy it.

Friday, 21 March

Ringshall Grange - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Dickie better, but still off work. Bet drove me over to see Winifred Richardson, as delightful as ever. After lunch the Bossios drove us into Ipswich in their magnificent Consul Ford car, just arrived from the States. Bet came with me as she was going to collect Johnny from Pont.

I got home soon after 5 o'clock and found Clara still here.

Saturday, 22 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

I rang up Troughend before supper and heard that the doctor had been and thought Sarah had appendicitis, and she was being taken into the Colchester County Hospital by ambulance.

Sunday, 23 March

Rang up Troughend after breakfast but Anne had no fresh news from the hospital. Rang her again in the evening. She and Bram had been in to see Sarah who was fairly comfortable. The surgeon was not going to examine her till tomorrow.

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