Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Week of 24 March 1952

Monday, 24 March

47 Hamilton Terrace

Went shopping and sent Sarah a book and Bet a bread knife. Later Anne phoned me up. They think Sarah has not got appendicitis but some infection of the liver. Nothing to worry about, but she and a school friend who has the same thing have been moved into a private ward.

Thursday, 27 March

Rang up Anne before supper and heard that Sarah was quite cheerful, and doesn't sound ill in herself.

Friday, 28 March

Pippa turned up at 11.30 (earlier than expected, and I was still down in Clifton Rd). We had a very happy time together, and she was able to stay till 3 o'clock. She bought me eggs and flowers.

Saturday, 29 March

My birthday. I was born in 76 and I am 76! Lots of letters and presents from all the family.

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