Friday, 27 April 2012

Week of 28 April 1952

Monday, 28 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester and Awly slept here

Hester, Dickie, Catherine and Alice all lunched here. H, D and C saw Alice off at Paddington and then went on to Mme Tussaud's!! They came back for tea and have now gone to the cinema - I think The River.

Tuesday, 29 April

Awly slept here

Hester and Awly were off betimes and bought very pretty dresses, etc. After lunch, Hester and I went to Mr Jong?, nose specialist, who gave her a treatment which he thought would put a stop to her nose bleeds. She came back here and later went off with her suitcase to have tea with Dickie in his club en route for home.

After tea Awly and I went down to see Cry the Beloved Country. A very fine adaptation of the book, but too depressing for Awly's taste.

Wednesday, 30 April

Awly slept here

Awly had a very successful morning's shopping, and brought back a charming seersucker dress from Swan and Edgar. She and Pat Colemen went in the evening to the St James Theatre to see Winter Journey.

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