Friday, 13 April 2012

Week of 29 October 1951

Monday, 29 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

Hester went to Universal Aunts, heard of a possible job near Windsor. She is to go and see the lady tomorrow. She spent the afternoon here, reading and writing.

Tuesday, 30 October

Hester slept here

Hester and I did Christmas shopping in Oxford St and then went down to the Abbey where Sir Lawrence Olivier placed a wreath on Sheridan's tomb in the Poet's Corner and made a nice address. Then we lunched at A&N Stores. Hester took the Green Line coach to Windsor about a possible job. She got back about 7.30. She liked Mrs "Suckburgh" and I think she will take the job. She rang up Bet this evening and will go down there on Thursday with Alice to pack.

Thursday, 1 November

Hester met Allice at Paddington and then came back for an early lunch, after which we all 3 bussed to Liverpool St where they caught the 2.30 train to Ipswhich where Bet will meet them. Alice very sweet and attractive.

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