Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Week of 22 October 1951

Wednesday 24 October 1951

47 Hamilton Terrace

Hester slept here

Hester slept the clock round. She caught a 1 o'clock train to Tonbridge for her interview with Mr Macfadyan near Hildeborough. Got back about 7 o'clock. Very pleased with the prospect of the jobbut nothing quite settled.

Thursday, 25 October

Hester and Awly slept here

Hester received a wire from Mrs Macfadyan to say she could not wait for her so the job is off. Very disappointing. Mabel spent the afternoon here and had tea. Awly turned pu just as she was leaving. She and Hester had a snack supper and then went off to the Harters' Scavenger party.

Wednesday, 26 October

Hester and Awly slept here

Most of the day (a fine one) we spent listening in to the electional returns. The Conservatives have a small majority. Hester and Awly were both out during most of the day but spent the evening here. We all, including Erna, drank to the new government.

Sunday, 28 October

Hester slept here

Awly said goodbye before starting for Westminster Cathedral. Hester left later with A's luggage for Dickie Olivier's club where he was giving them lunch. Afterwards hester and Dickie took Awly to Liverpool St to go down with the Harters to Ipswich. She is going to spend the night there, returning to Ringshall after her school tomorrow.

Hester and Dickie came in for a drink this evening. He is very nice.

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