Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week of 22 September 1952

Monday, 22 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Betty and Barnaby slept here

Bet, Barnaby and Alice turned up soon after 12 o'clock, and Anne and Sarah a few minutes later. After a very cheery lunch we all went to Paddington to see Alice and Sarah off to school. No tears! Then I came back to rest whilst Bet, Anne and Barnaby shopped. All back to tea, and afterwards Anne caught a 6.30 train back to Colchester.

Wednesday, 23 September

Bet slept here

A lovely day of Indian summer. Bet and Barnaby saw the Changing of the Guard at Whitehall and were photographed with the pigeons at Trafalgar Square. After lunch we took Barnaby to Waterloo station for his school train at 2.30. He was very cheerful - not a tear. We then came back and sat in the garden, and after tea Bet went down to meet Awly at Piccadilly Circus and take her to the cinema. Philippa came in for half an hour after supper on her way back to Bushey. She had been up for the CH Mansion House do. She looked awfully tired.

Thursday, 25 September

Rang Hester up after supper. All well with her and Johnny and they are going over to Troughend for a couple of nights. As expected, she failed in her driving test - no mistakes but lack of confidence. There is a possible tenant for part of Ringshall.

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