Friday, 4 May 2012

Week of 9 June 1952

Monday, 9 June

Saxmundham Hotel, Swanage

A much better day but I felt dead to the world after a distressful night of dreams, liver too I tihnk. We had a rather unenjoyable morning in the town, and gave up any ideas of an expedition in the afternoon. I sat out on the local beach after tea and Mabel went again into the town in an unsuccessful search for calceloids.

Tuesday, 10 June

A very hazy morning but we phoned Carine who said it was lovely at Shaftesbury so we decided to go over by car after lunch. In the morning I wrote and read on the beach and Mabel composed in the sun lounge.

The drive to Shaftesbury was lovely and we had a very pleasant tea with Carine who seemed very pleased to have us.

Wednesday, 11 June

A really lovely sunny day; we spent all the morning on the beach and after lunch went by bus to Bournemouth via the Poole Ferry. At Bournemouth I sat in the public gardens whilst Mabel bought an umbrella, etc. Then we had tea together at Fullers before catching our bus back.

The Bournemouth beach looked quite dreadful.

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