Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Week of 27 October 1952

Tuesday, 28 October

47 Hamilton Terrace

A gale blowing and Dickie Olivier who was flying over from Dublin in the morning and he had to wait till evening before a plane could start. Much complication as Hester had come up to meet him. She waited here during the afternoon whilst Mabel and I were at the Old Vic seeing Clare Bloom in Rome and Juliet. Very fine production. I got home just as Hester was leaving to meet Dickie at the air station. They are sleeping tonight with his sister.

Thursday, 30 October

Bet, Alice, Sarah and Johnny slept here

Very busy making preparations for the influx. Bet and Johnny arrived before lunch in great form. Very distressed to hear that Anne had fainted and been X-rayed in hospital. No fracture but slight concussion.

Bet and Johnnt met Alice and Sarah at Paddington at 6 o'clock and brought them home in taxi in pouring rain. Awly arrived later. Phoned Troughend and heard better news of Anne.

Took 2 Soneryl. [I'm not surprised]

Saturday, 1 November

Bet, Alice, Barnaby and Johnny slept here

Full day. Awly helped me with local shopping before she went with Bet, Alice and Johnny to Waterloo to meet Barnaby. They got back for a late lunch, Barnaby looking splendid. School has done wonders for him already. They went out shopping in the afternoon and after tea had fireworks (which Pont had sent them) down in the garden. Hester turned up in time for tea after seeing Dickie off at Northolt for Ireland.

Sunday, 2 November

Bet, Alice, Hester and Johnny slept here. Also Awly on the sofa!

Hester turned up about 12 o'clock to see to the lunch, light the drawing room fire, etc., and Awly turned up an hour later after church. Bet took the 3 younger ones to the local chapel and then on for a tour round Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral. Later Bet took Barnaby to Waterloo to catch an afternoon train back to school - very low poor chap.

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