Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Week of 3 November 1952

Monday, 3 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet, Alice, Hester and Johnny slept here. Also Awly on the sofa!

I did not sleep very well in spite of soneryl, and Johnny gave the others a restful night. Awly fared the best! She went off to work after breakfast. Bet helped me in the morning with my shopping and Hester took Alice to collect the theatre tickets for the Lyric Review this evening.

In the afternoon Bet took them all to see Lil and Mabel and they only got back to a late tea and then dashed off to meet Awly at Piccadilly before dinner and play.

Tuesday, 4 November

The theatre party got back about midnight. A great success and they saw the Queen returning from a Command Performance. Hester met Sarah at Liverpool St and they got here for lunch. Afterwards they all went to Paddington to see Alice and Sarah off to Goodings, and then on to buy shoes for Johnny. Back for a late tea.

Thursday, 6 November

Reg and I both slept well but I still felt very tired and I stayed in bed till lunch time. Afterwards I went to the Edward Wilson House to Miss Dunlop's meeting on The Theory of Healing. I went straight to bed when I came back.

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