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Week of 2 February

Week of 2 February 1953
Monday 2 February
47 Hamilton Terrace
Terrible accounts of the disastrous floods all down the East Coast from Scotland to the Thames. Hundreds of people killed.
Hester's wedding has been advanced to March 4.

Tuesday 3 February
Betty and Hester slept here
Very tired all day. Shopped in Oxford Street in the morning and rested in the afternoon till Bet and Hester arrived for a lateish tea. They were very tired to after a long day and Hestrt is not well. She has a boil on her neck and has a cold and sore throat.

She phoned to Dickie in Ireland. There are lots of complications with regard to passport, registrar, and currency of the Paris.

I was amazed this morning when Awly marched into my room!! She had let herself in in the small hours of the morning having forgotten her own key.

Wednesday. 4 February
Betty and Hester slept here

Betty and Hester went off after breakfast and didn't come back till tea time. They accomplished a great deal: passport arrangements for the marriage at Marylebone register office, and she also bought her wedding garment - very smart.
after tea they went off again to spend the evening with Awly

Friday 6 February
Betty and Hester slept here

Hester went off after breakfast to East Grinstead to spend the day with Dickie's stepmother. Betty and I went to Oxford Street and looked at a wireless, pressure cooker and eiderdown as possible presents for Hester. Then I came home and Betty lunches with Awly and afterwards made enquiries about other wedding presents etc.

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