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Week of 2 March 1953

Tuesday 3 March
Betty, Hester, Awly, Alice, Johnny and Wilma slept here!!
47 Hamilton Terrace
Hectic Day. Alice arrived at 11 am. Hester and Betty tried unsuccessfully all morning for a hat. Wima arrived at one o'clock with the Studley wedding cake and masses petits fours, Came back to find Betty; Hester and Wilma hat hunting and Alice and Johnny playing in the drawing-room! Wedding hat at last acquired by hunters back in time for a late tea. Awly turned up about seven o'clock and after a late tea there was a tremendous turnaround of furniture, and then Awly gave Hester a hair do. By then the fog had got so thick that Awly had to spend the night here. Very thick on the ground!

Took 2 Carbutal

Wednesday, 4 March

Betty, Alice, Barnaby, Johnny and Wilma all slept here
Hester's wedding day. Foggy first thing but lovely and sunny later. Frantically busy. Hester had a face-do at Elizabeth Arden, Bet and Wilma slaved with the eaties and I dif the flowers. Pips and Anne turned up later, and we had a family lunch of ten at the Abercorn Restaurant (Bet, Hester, Awly, Alice, Barnaby, Johnny, Pippa, Anne, Wilma and I). Afterwards Hester, Betand I drove by car to the Marylebone Town Hall where we met Dickie and his nice sister Mrs Day. H and D were married by the registrar; it only took 10 minutes. Then Hester and Dickie drove back by car and Bet, Mrs Day and I by taxi. Guests invited for four o'clock,and there must have been nearly 60 of them. Family well represented – Enid, Lil, Mabel, Reg, Pippa and Oswald, Bet, Anne and Bram, Wilma, Charmian and George Worsley, Kenny Fryer, Margot Osborne, Betty Crawshay and Martin, Lil Osborne, Joan Bruce, Philippa Flecker, Betty and her 5 children, also Roddy and Diana. Sir Lawrence Olivier could only arrive very late when nearly everyone was gone. He was very nice and easy and took Hester and Dickie in his car to the hotel where they were spending the night before flying to Paris for their brief honeymoon. Hester was very sweet though I have seen her look prettier and I did not much care for her little yellow hat, though it was smart. Reg was very enthusiastic about her grey dress with the yellow stripes, and Dickie had given her a spray of lovely dark red carnations.

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