Friday, 26 October 2012

Week of 13 July 1953

Monday, 13 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

In the afternoon I went to Walpole in Bond St and got some pillow cases in the sale, and sent a pair of double sheets to Anne. In the evening got great news from Troughend. They were just back from Skipton and in great spirits for Bram's brother had offered him a post in his firm and he is to start work next Monday.

Friday, 17 July

I met Alice and Sarah at Paddington at 11.15 and brought them back for an early lunch. Hester arrived soon after we did and took them to Liverpool St to catch the 1.30 train home.

I went and spent a coule of hours with Lil and came back to have tea with Hester. Dickie turned up afterwards for a drink and they left together to dine at his club before driving down to spend the weekend with Larry.

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